Are you a fan of bodybuilding shows? Are you also a fan of the show ‘Mr. Olympia’ and the seven-time champion Phil Heath? If the answer to these questions is yes then this news piece is just for you as today we will talk about the upcoming documentary on your favorite champion. Excited already? Let’s get started then.


The Seven Bucks Productions owned by Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia has assured the viewers that they are planning a documentary film on the champion Phil Heath which will chronicle his journey of seven titles at the ‘Mr. Olympia’ show.

The name of the documentary has not been finalized yet but it is confirmed that the Canadian filmmaker Brett Harvey is going to direct it.


Apart from the champion’s journey at the show, the documentary will also focus on his life and will show what Heath did during his two-year absence from the show due to injuries.

Commenting on the project, producer Garcia said that he has always been fascinated by Heath not just for his physique but also for his sheer determination in the sport. He said it will be an honor for him, working with Heath.

Fellow producer Johnson also said that Heath is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time and it will be fun to work with him. As of now, there is no news on the release date.

Heath’s fans were already speculating about the great comeback their champion is going to make in the show and now they have the added delight of watching the life of their champion closely. We take our leave now. Do tell us about what you think will this documentary will have to offer. Till then, bye!


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