The Exorcist Reboot Will it going to happen? What could be the expected air date


Welcome back reader! The entertainment world keeps on producing new projects and so we keep on bringing new updates. There are so many things that got delayed due to the corona virus pandemic but not cancelled. 

And here is one such project which is coming back for the love of its audience.

Get ready to get horrified as we are going to share the update on ‘The Exorcist Reboot’ right here!. 

The original movie was released way back in December 1973 and was an absolute hit with an IMDb of 8/10 . Now the movie is finally getting its reboot which will be the reimagined version of the classic horror film.

Despite of the tweet posted in 2015 by the creator, Morgan Creek of exorcist that stated ‘For the record, we will never attempt the remake ‘The EXORCIST’, the movie is back for production.

Already excited to know, When will it release? What will be the plot and who will be there in the movie, keep on reading to find it out. 

Also, just in case you haven’t watched original ‘The Exorcist’ here is the spooky trailer of the movie just for you. Click on the link below and watch it right now.

The Exorcist Reboot: Release

Sadly, the release date of the movie is not out yet but the film is under the making. So you can expect an official confirmation soon. The creators of the movie are making sure that the movie stands up to the expectations of everyone who’s waiting for it. The expected release of the movie is in 2021 and you have to wait a bit more to know the official release date.

The Exorcist Reboot: Cast

The movie is still processing and the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced the pace of everything and hence there is still no information about the star cast that is finalised for the movie. But don’t you worry reader, as soon as we’ll get any information about it, we’ll definitely let you know.

The Exorcist Reboot: Plot

The original story of ‘The Exorcist’ was based on the 1971 novel by William Peter Blatty which has the same name. The original movie revolved around a 12-year-old girl who is possessed by the demon Pazuzu and her mother seek help from two priests to free her daughter from the clutches of the demon. 

The plot of the movie is not yet disclosed but looking at the previous movie you can get an idea about how spine chilling it is going to be since it’s the reboot. 

We hope you can sleep peacefully after reading this article as the holy terror is about in unfold in the upcoming days. See you the next time reader, until then stay safe and stay connected. 

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