The Falcon And Winter Soldier: When Will We See The Series?


The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was supposed to launch on Disney + in August. Given the delay, star Emily VanCamp spoke about this issue and revealed some details.

Due to the situation that affected this 2020, many series and films were forced to delay their filming. As a consequence, its releases are now scheduled for later or even some still do not have a confirmed release date. Within this list, we find The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, the new series that Marvel Studios is preparing for the Disney + platform.

That said, if 2020 had not played a trick on us, the Marvel series would have already been seen on the streaming platform for a long time. Because this fiction should have been released in August, but as you will see, none of that happened. What we are sure of is that this new series is going to change the rules of the game for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Let’s remember that this fiction will present a new Captain America, at the same time that it will bring back the villain Baron Zemo. Madripoor, a fictional island nation closely associated with mutants, is also expected to be a part of history.

When will we see the series?

As it stands, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier could hit Disney + sometime in 2021. And actress Emily VanCamp, who plays Sharon Carter, may have revealed some great news for fans. During an interview, the interpreter was asked where fans will be able to see her and she answered.

“In The Falcon and The Winter Soldier,” confirmed Emily VanCamp. “I don’t think they have a release date, because we had to go back and finish [filming] after the lockdown. They’ve finished filming, so they’re probably almost done editing by now. Hopefully early in the year. And, ‘The Resident’ will also start in January, so it could be a lot about me, in January. ”

We can only hope to see The Falcon and The Winter Soldier in early 2021.


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