The Flash – Season 7: Lights, Camera, and Thunder!

The Flash – Season 7: Lights, Camera, and Thunder!
The Flash – Season 7: Lights, Camera, and Thunder!

Dear viewers, Let’s take a quick tour of our worlds of imagination. What if, one fine night, you find yourselves assisting the great Barry Allen, let’s say Flash to make it more exciting, in one of his superheroic criminal fights. Just Wowww! Isn’t it? The next morning you would surely exclaim, Ah! What a dream.

So, guys, let’s make some noise because here we are, glad to announce that The Flash season 7 is to be telecasted real soon and the first episode is due on January, 2021. So why not take a quick look into the updates of the most awaited DC Comic series.

We wish all the Love and Luck and gear ourselves up for the most refreshing new season coming up.

Dates and Dynamics: 

The first season of this famous Comic series premiered on the CW as a spin-off from Arrow from the production house of Berlanti, Warner Bros Television, and DC Entertainment was aired on October 7th,2014, and was concluded in May 2015. 

The high ratings soon took it to the production and airing of season two. Then followed season three, four and five and the lead actor Grant Gustin didn’t miss even a single chance to mesmerize the viewers with his acting. 

The Flash – Season 7: Lights, Camera, and Thunder!
The Flash – Season 7: Lights, Camera, and Thunder!

The viewers were charged up by the start of the next season 6 by October 2019 but due to the outbreak of Covid 19, plans had to be cut short and the season ended in May 2020. 

Dearest Viewers, shred off all your sadness and worries and energize yourselves up for the upcoming Season 7.

The Curves and Shifts:

From the start of it with season one, this super enchanting piece of work has come a long way with its completion of season six, and who does not go gaga over Allen, a crime investigator, blessed with superhuman speed, fighting criminals and others with similar superhuman abilities, overcoming all the challenges from speedster Zoom in season 2 to dealing with consequences of his future daughter’s time traveling in season 5. 

According to Rotten Tomatoes aggregator, the series bagged 85% rating, 6.89/10. 

Everything that was left in the air at the end of season six are going to be tied up at the beginning of season 7 and the rest is to continue says Flash. 

With all these crazy details, we can rest assure our viewers that the wait will be worth everything. Also, double up your excitement to catch a glance of the man in red, Grant Gustin, Candice Patton and the super amazing crew. 

That’s all for today, keep following us for more interesting updates.


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