The Handmaid’s Tale’s Bradley Whitford Talks Season 4 Restart and West Wing Reunion: Josh Lyman ‘Could Not Imagine the Stakes of This Election’


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The handmaid’s Tale’s is now being discussed largely for its 4th season. On the other hand, ‘The West Wing’ is American political drama which is now coming back for a reunion is also making headlines and now the question is why both of these shows are making headline? What are the makers up to? 

Let us find that out together.

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Here’s what Bradly Whitford said about issue “We were kind of joking about it,” he recalls. “I was sitting, reading on my cell phone, and I open an article where I’m reading for the first time, ‘Whatever you do, don’t touch your face.’ And while I was reading it a costume staffer came and tweaked my scarf and then Pretty quickly, it became clear what I had to do.”

They had created just a few episodes of Season 4 but then the series shut down production soon after it because of Corona Virus. Now, there’s been a development as the they are going back and the production of ‘The handmaid’s Tale season 4’ is about to resume. 

West Wing Reunion:

Talking about why Josh Lyman cannot imagine the stakes of this election, here is what he said in an interview to TVline about this matter “In an election when the future of our democracy itself is on the line, not just a partisan argument about how we should all function within a democratic framework. 

We have a President who thinks the rule of law is for chumps, that any American who disagrees with him is “the enemy”.

When I make sure Donna doesn’t make a campaign related call from the White House, it’s important because the White House is The People’s House, not a partisan clubhouse. 

Donald Trump is about to accept his nomination on the White House lawn, desecrating yet another democratic norm.  The greatest threat to our national security is living in the White House as I speak. Josh could not imagine the stakes of this election. His head would explode.”

Well, this answer showed that not only Lyman is absolutely aware about the political conditions of America but he is also concerned about the political fate of the country.

 We really admire that Josh.

And with that note, we take a leave from you. 

Think about what Josh has said in the interview and let us know your thoughts on the same, and until next time stay tuned and stay safe.

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