The Jada Pinkett Smith Controversy.

The Jada Pinkett Smith Controversy.
The Jada Pinkett Smith Controversy.

Imagine, one fine day, you hear one of your parents is engaging himself or herself into another relationship after his or her separation from the previous one. What would be your reaction after hearing this news?

How would you react? Would you accept the relationship? Would you reject it? Would you ignore the matter? Or would you like to put an end to it? 

Here is how Willow Smith reacts to her mom Jada Pinkett Smith’s entanglement with another guy, a celebrated musician August Alsina.

The girl, in a Facebook watch series named Red Talk Table’s one of the recent episodes opened up to the public about their parents’ marital issues and her mother’s relation with a musician back in 2015.

Willow had a very positive outlook in her expression. It seemed through her note that she had been more than happy to accept what had happened and she was pleased too.

The Jada Pinkett Smith Controversy.
The Jada Pinkett Smith Controversy.

She exclaimed that she was proud of her parents’ decision of getting into separation and for airing these issues publicly, discussing them openly in front of the world.

The proud daughter in response to her mom’s vulnerability since Jada brought Will to the show and opened up about the couple’s break up and everything related to the lady’s new relationship, said that she was immensely inspired by the way both her parents had been handling the situation.

She said their skill handle of the relationship showed hoe they deeply loved and respected each other and wanted the best for both of them, wanted to stand by each other. 

It was clear from the supergirl Willow’s words that no matter what she would be by her parents’ side forever. 

And with this, we can conclude that we have got to inhale this breath of positivity and independence from the star kid.


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