As the most famous at the moment have numerous gossip about their sweethearts, and many people believe that they don’t have female friends or a girlfriend. As they are restricted in K-Pop saints. 

There was some news about it as they are yet not proven to be true, as BTS is now by and by unmarried, and because of their popularity they will have more and more gossip and different kinds of news daily. 

JungKook Dating Jimin?

BTS is one of the busiest bands around the world, they prepare and practice their own movies for their songs closed in the studio, ready to shoot new albums and on track and freeing their track with Nicki Minaj and last representing all over the world. 

Till date, BTS doesn’t have any girlfriends and this news is actually true and no one actually knows who they are dating. We searched and tried to find out who BTS members are seeking and what they are doing now.

The JungKook Dating Jimin? BTS latest news, Here’s What we know?
The JungKook Dating Jimin? BTS latest news, Here’s What we know?

Jungkook looks forward to a woman who has a height of 168 cm. Afterall he should be taller than her, she should have very legs and should be good at singing and should be good at cooking too. 


Jungkook is quite different; he is eventually unmarried, Jung Chae also had rumours that he is dating CUBe learner Ko So-Hyun.

Gossips are over BTS, they come in gossip after every other action as fans are obsessed with them and love them a lot and fans want to know about everything they do or don’t. Their popularity is immense and their fan base is expanding day by day. 

They are breaking the records too and their fans had a clash against One Direction fans, the former boy band. There was a huge war kind of situation, but it was in a friendly manner. But eventually, One Direction was proven to the Best Boy Band.

BTS is still new to the people, they are gaining their popularity in recent years and people are loving their songs and the way they perform on stage but in the end, people spreading rumours make them feel sad about their popularity. 

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