The Man From California Sequel Is Being Planned


Almost 30 years later, a sequel to The Man from California could arrive with its original protagonists.

Actor Pauly Shore wants to make a sequel to The Man from California, this 1992 film was directed by Les Mayfield (Flubber and the Nutty Professor, From Thief to Police) and starred Brendan Fraser, Sean Astin and Pauly Shore himself. The story was about two young men who discover a frozen Neanderthal.

On his Instagram page, alongside an old photo of himself with Astin and Fraser, Shore posed a question to his followers: “How many people want to see Encino Man 2?”. Shore would go on to ask his fans to reach out to Disney + via social media, in an effort to make the sequel a reality.

The film was a box office success, as The Man from California had a budget of 7.5 million dollars and raised about 40 million, in addition, it also generated money in the rental market. Knowing that Disney loves to use nostalgia to reach viewers, making a sequel would be something quite fascinating. Since it would be interesting to know how the Neanderthal has adapted living so many years in the current era.

What is the original movie about?

The Man from California is a funny teenage comedy, 2 young people discover a Neanderthal who was trapped in the ice thousands of years ago. They believe they will get famous for the find, but when they unfreeze it comes to life. Thus begins a funny story where they must hide that he is a normal person while teaching him behavior and the modern world in which he has woken up. Meanwhile, disasters pile up as they try to pass him off as an eccentric foreign exchange student named Link.

It should be remembered that the movie The Man from California ended with the arrival of Link’s Neanderthal couple who also thaws. Which means there is a lot of stories to tell.


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