The missing cast member of New Amsterdam won’t be returning to the NBC series

Courtesy: Knowinsiders

The NBC medical drama New Amsterdam has a missing character this time – Anupam Kher who played the role of Dr. Vijay Kapoor. This missing character is going to stay missing throughout the franchise as the actor won’t be returning back to the medical drama. He has been absent since the beginning of the third season and viewers certainly won’t get to see a glimpse of him in the near future. 

Moreover, it has also been confirmed that Dr. Kapoor has resigned from the hospital in an episode that aired on the 13th of April. The season 3 opener hinted at Dr. Kapoor contracting coronavirus due to which the medical director, Max Goodwin, was compelled to call an old friend, cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Floyd Reynolds in to help.

The main reason behind the actor’s absence in the film lies in the critical condition of his wife. According to The Hindustan Times, his wife, actress Kirron Kher, is as of now battling blood cancer and is under treatment for the same. Kher also gave away in a statement that his wife is seeking treatment and that he is quite sure that she’ll emerge victorious after this battle as she is being handled by a phenomenal set of talented doctors.

Courtesy: Deadline

In addition to that, the actor also thanked his fans and other belonging to the film industry for all the love and good wishes that they have showered upon him and his loving wife. Moreover, Dr. Reynolds comeback was mentioned by New Amsterdam’s showrunner David Schulner last month after he made an exit for himself towards the end of Season 2 to pursue a new job in San Francisco.


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