The most popular Top 10 movies on Netflix right now


Hello and welcome back to your favorite junction of entertainment news update. We have always brought latest movie or TV shows related update but today we thought about helping you in amending your watchlist by suggesting you some exciting movies.

Well, these are not just any movies but top 10 popular Netflix movies. We know the news has rejoiced you already but wait tell we open our bag full of movies and reveal all of them just for you. Just keep on reading and keep on upgrading your watchlist with us.

  1. The first movie we have in our bag for you is “Dolemite is my Name (2019)”. Made by Eddie Murphy, the movie is a combination of ‘2016’s Mr. Church’ with a winning biopic about ‘Rudy Ray Moore’. The movie is about a flailing comedian who finds success when he reinvents himself as Dolemite, a wisecracking pimp.

2.     Then comes the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) at the second spot. Who doesn’t know spider man? Well, this movie has also won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature at the 2019 Academy Awards which makes it a must in the top 10 list of popular movies.

3.     The third spot is backed by ROMA (2018), An Alfonso Cuarón’s film about a story that is related with his life. A housekeeper who used to watch over the children of his employers after their father runs off with his mistress.

4.     UNCUT GEMS (2019) stands at number four with the interesting story of a gambler. A person who sees opportunity in every game and every customer who comes into his Diamond District jewellery store.

5.     Horror never gets old fashion and therefor ‘The witch (2016)’ is our number five movie. The movie centers a farming family from the 1630 England who believed that a witch has cursed them all.

Netflix Top 10

6.     For number 6 we have ‘The Ballade of Buster Scruggs (2018)’ A movie about two brother that is absolutely worth watching because of the six different stories it has to offer all together.

7.     Next, we have ‘Marriage Story (2019)’ in our list for you. A deep and emotional drama of a couple and a tale of their family.

8.     Then comes ‘The Lobster (2015)’ A black comedy where the lead actor has only 45 days to find a partner for himself before he turns into an animal. Absolutely worth watching.

9.     On the 9th number, we have this masterpiece called ‘The Irishman (2019)’ for you. A movie that has friendship, betrayal and organized crime to hook up its audience till the end.

10.  Our last recommendation for you is ‘The Ladybird (2017)’, the sweet yet relatable story of a young woman who wishes to head a college across the country but is also struggling with her family responsibilities.

We hope we have given all the Netflix lovers a whole new list of movies to watch. Do check them all out and let us know which one do you like the most. See you the next time mate.

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