The Muppet Show: Disney+ Release Updates


When Jim Henson swept his ‘ Sesame Street ‘ (1969), he decided to continue creating magic looking for a more mature audience with the fleeting ‘ The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence ‘ (1975). The frown of his colleague Frank Oz made him see that this was not the way (or rather the moment) and together they created a new work of art somewhat more mature but less excessive, ‘ The Muppet Show ‘ (1976), a variety show hosted by marionettes with luxury guest artists in each episode.

That jewel of television gave its fans hours of fun during 120 episodes divided into five seasons that the muppets were here to stay. The list of guests to the party in those years is endless but, making a hard capacity for synthesis to demonstrate the level we are talking about, Peter UstinovPaul WilliamsJulie AndrewsJohn CleeseSteve Martin, among many others, passed by. Vincent PricePetula ClarkAlice CooperElton JohnLiberaceRaquel Welch, Liza MinnelliSylvester StalloneJoan BaezCarol BurnettJohnny CashMarty FeldmanMark HamillRoger MooreChristopher ReeveGene Kelly or the famous Peter Sellers, who was trying to turn to play himself (if at all that were with Sellers).

Forty years after the end of that, Disney + gives us joy and turns the lights back on.

‘ The Muppets show ‘ original (and in full) will be available on Disney + from February 19, a golden opportunity to understand where their current ‘ More Muppets than ever ‘ comes from, a somewhat decaffeinated but interesting version of the format.

And is that the muppets have never completely gone. We were able to enjoy them on the big screen in the essential ‘ The Muppet Movie ‘ (James Frawley, 1979), ‘ The Muppets ‘ Big Hit ‘ (Jim Henson, 1981), ‘ The Muppets Conquer Manhattan ‘ (Frank Oz, 1984) and ‘ The Muppets in a Christmas Carol ‘ (Brian Henson, 1992), as well as in other later adaptations that, little by little, were losing their shine.

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