‘The New Mutants’ Leads a Slowly Reviving Weekend Box Office With $7 Million- surviving pandemic damage!

The New Mutants’

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, where everything has been halted and put under restrictions and scanners, ‘The New Mutants’ Leads a Slowly Reviving Weekend Box Office With $7 Million and still counting more and hoping for more. Finally, after the months-long shut down, in August when cinema halls got open, The New Mutants was released after several delays.

As per the reports, the film is playing in 62% of American (along with Canada) theaters. States like New York, California, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. is still closed for theaters. With major cities shut down, it has severely impacted the business of “The New Mutants”. The X-Men spin off was shown in over 2400 locations across the country.

The New Mutant- Spin off to the X-Men Films

“The New Mutant’s” is one hour and thirty seven minutes long; the movie revolves around 5 teens who have got super powers. These teens are in the process of discovering their abilities while secretly held in a facility without their consents. They have to fight together to get rid of their past sins and save themselves from either being dead or held captive as a yard bird.

Although the movie has got an interesting plot with great potential, but it definitely has a few flips as well. It’s a slow movie that not everyone might be patient enough to follow however, it gives you enough time to think and understand the character’s trauma, their fears, and their inhibitions. The visual effects and action scenes are brilliantly crafted. Those who love horror flicks are surely going to enjoy it.


As we have spoken about “The New Mutant” in length, time to talk about ‘X-Men’, as ultimately ‘The New Mutant’ is a spin off to the ‘X-Men’ Films. We all are programmed to love superheroes since childhood in all forms and names since they have the abilities that we wish we could have. It doesn’t matter what crisis mankind is in, but if a super hero is there, they will protect mankind and establish peace, win over millions of people’s hearts and will be gone for long until the next threat. X-Men is an American superhero film series based on a fictional superheros who can do anything to protect the world from converting mutantkind and the entire story revolves around act of heroism and being extra vigilant. If you want to indulge yourself in more details about the X-Men and its movie series, please feel free to read more about it on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X-Men_(film_series), guaranteed you will find some amazing facts about the X-Men. Reading is an excellent alternative to watching a movie. Enjoy reading guys!

Our love for superheroes is there since the beginnings, they fight so hard to save mankind all the time and what we really cherish about them, they maybe someone as ordinary as any one of us, maybe sitting next to us in a coffee shop and sipping coffee, or maybe an ordinary guy with beard, or may be a university student.



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