The Old Guard 2: What Are The Possibilities For The Sequel Of Netflix Film?


The streaming service war has already begun, and every streaming platform is trying to become the best global OTT platform. Now, Netflix is all set to take every challenge by launching more content on its streaming service.

The Old guard is one of the newest films, which gained popularity recently. As soon as first part concluded, fans began demanding for a second part. And it seems like the film and comic writer Greg Rucka is planning to bring back the film series with a new sequel.

What original writer Greg Rucka has to say about the sequel of The Old Guard?

Netflix’s The Old Guard became popular when it launched its streaming service on July 10, 2020. The story of the film is the adaption of original comics, which was written by Greg Rucka. Recently, the writer spoke about the possible sequel of The Old Guard.

He revealed that the next part has been in discussion, but it is yet to be confirmed. Also, there won’t be any official announcement about the upcoming film for a while. It is not in his hand to make the decision whether to renew the movie for another sequel. So if the officials give green light to the film series, then he will absolutely be there to work with them.

His statement gives us hope and relief that there will be a sequel of The Old Guard. Many sources are discussing details about part 2, but we don’t know when the creators will renew the film series. As per Greg Rucka’s statement, we can expect Andy to return after a while.

When can we expect The Old Guard Part 2 to get renewed and launched on Netflix?

There are some rumors that The Old Guard will possibly return with a sequel. Looking back at the success of the first part, the film gained a huge success within a month and was loved by the audience. Now, not only the fans but also the creators of the film are showing a desire for the sequel.

Some sources reveal that creators want to continue with the story and create a Trilogy. However, Netflix has not confirmed about the same yet. We believe that the streaming service will take one or two months to decide whether they want to renew the series or not. Currently, the Coronavirus pandemic has become an obstruction for the creators, so the renewal might get delayed for a year.

Let’s suppose the sequel gets the green light, then the shooting won’t begin this year. So considering all the facts, we can speculate the film to launch in 2022 or 2023. Moreover, the storyline of the second part will be taken from The Old Guard: Force Multiplied. We can also expect more immortals to join hands in the sequel.


Fans watched the credit scenes in the ending of the film, so this means we will have a sequel for sure. We will let you know when we know the latest news about the sequel. So until then, you can rewatch The Old Guard 1 on Netflix.



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