The Scumbag #1 Lives Up to Its Title

The Scumbag #1 Lives Up to Its Title

Whenever we think of a comic book, usually a hero pops up in our mind and his or her ultimate actions. But this time it is not the same as the new comic book series by Rick Remender. The new series introduced the character of Ernie Ray Clementine.

And to explain about our character Ernie, his humor is insensible, drug-addicted, an irresponsible biker, and what bad can you think of, is the man Ernie. 

Rick Remender with the help of illustrator Lewis Larosa and colorist Moreno Diniso gave amazing visual effects to Scumbag #1, that’s how the world will see them. 

According to the description of Ernie Ray Clementine, he is the most unworthy and incapable man to become a hero sort of thing. But no one never knows what comes next. 

The Scumbag #1 Lives Up to Its Title
The Scumbag #1 Lives Up to Its Title

In the story, Ernie was supposed to take a dose of Heroin which was in a syringe, which turned out to be a super-powered serum. Due to this accident, Ernie became a secret agent after taking the serum. So the man who doesn’t smell good and remains in soiled trouser will be known as “Agent Scumbag”.

There will be a spy with the Agent Scumbag who is known as “Sister Mary”. She would be seen working with the man and gets along with him during their work. 

In a recent interview, Rick Remender thanked all his colleagues for supporting him in making and finishing the comic book series on time. He is hoping that audience would love the character with such personality. 

The comic is set to release on 21st October 2020, and hopefully, it will blow your mind too. If you are a comic bug For more information on upcoming latest comic books please stay tuned with us.

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