The secret dates: feat. Jenner and Scott

The secret dates: feat. Jenner and Scott
The secret dates: feat. Jenner and Scott

Today I have a very sweet story to share with all of you. 

You know, when I was in school while reading ‘The Merchant of Venice’, I was fascinated by the story of a character eloping with her fiancé. Yaa, after all, it’s up to them to decide how to go forward in their lives.

Yes, in life it is very important that we take the correct decisions at the correct time and this is what best friends Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott has been doing.

They have been actively co-parenting their two-year-old daughter Stormi, despite their breakup and in doing so, they have been spending a good amount of time together too, secretively.

The secret dates: feat. Jenner and Scott
The secret dates: feat. Jenner and Scott

Sources close to them, has spilled the beans of the couple snucking out for secret dates because they are still very good friends and they love each other’s company and of course they do not want any buzz behind them.

The source also mentioned that, in spite of being in separation, they had been in constant communication with each other because of their kid, but they have no plans to have a romantic reunion at the moment.

During the quarantine too, the stars were seen spending time together with their daughter and Kylie in one of her statement made it very clear that the stars are bests of friends and want the best for their daughter, therefore they always stay connected and coordinated and the break-up issue does not come between them.

Indeed, a very important decision made for being good parents.

Wishing the duo happiness and loads to love to baby Stormi.

What say, guys?


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