The superstore confirms America Ferrera’s exit has been delayed in season 6

The superstore confirms America Ferrera's exit has been delayed in season 6
The superstore confirms America Ferrera's exit has been delayed in season 6

Dear crazy Superstore fans, how many of you thought that you would really miss America Ferrera on the show? Most of you, I know. I swear, even I thought so. But guys, just guess what’s the grand news? Manager Amy will be on board in the next season too. 

Yes guys, Superstar season 6 will be more interesting for all of you.

Quick Dynamics

This workplace comedy series, An NBC show that made its debut five years back starring America Ferrera has a huge fan following who were quite taken aback by the news of the actress’ exit from the show at the end of season five. 

But the revelation of her joining the season six crew has really made a gush of happiness among the viewers. With this character, Ferrera is in her second headlining position after Ugly Betty for the network. Both her shows gained immense success.

More Updates

A Justin Spitzer creation, the Superstore is a story of a group of informal people, who are employed at the Cloud 9 store 1217, a discount warehouse store in Missouri and Ferrera portrays the role of Amy Sosa, a single mother working her way up the ladder of the store. She is a super expert lady, also serving as the Sitcom’s executive producer.

The story is a musing of topical issues and high score comedy and it has gathered all praises and love from the viewers.

Earlier this year, the lady announced her exit from the show at the end of the last season to pursue other projects, Amy’s farewell storyline was also up in the air. But it seems destiny has different plans for her. 

And the showrunners say that she would appear for the next some episodes as the premiere of season six starts from October 22nd. The story will be taken up from where it was left off.

A Great Surprise, Indeed!

So, Friends, Start gearing up for the upcoming season.


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