The Timelines Of Godzilla Vs. Kong Shows That King Kong Is Bigger Now, Must Read


The first official trailer poses a lot of questions when viewers catch a glimpse of two giants punching each other across our little planet. Questions such as,’ Why is our beloved nuclear reptile a bad investment now? ‘And’ Damn, Mechagodzilla is that? ’

However, possibly the first question to be raised is about the enormous growth spurt of King Kong, which miraculously allowed him to equal the 400-foot size of Godzilla.

The giant ape is only 104 feet tall in Kong: Skull Island, but it is seen that he is already rising. In other words, in the film, he was just a little child from Warner Bros.

In 2019, Godzilla vs Kong invites the media to Australian cities, where the idea of film art can be glimpsed by journalists. A first look at the Titans facing each other, showing Kong’s increasing height, is among the visuals.

Producer Alex Garcia explained at the time, talking to, how 40 years were between the two Skull Islands and events Godzilla vs Kong gave the hairy man plenty of time to track down his scaly opponent.

“In this movie, Kong is bigger. “Skull Island’s limits are that he’s still growing, so he’s a teenager in that movie,” Garcia said.

Where do we begin 40 years later? He’s a lot heavier, but he’s still Kong. He’s got a few tricks up his sleeve, just for being around the real world and the things that Godzilla can use and do tactically. Uh, may. “

“He continued, “Still he did not breathe fire or do something that we had never seen him do before. And Godzilla is clearly as powerful as we have ever seen, and [Kong] has stacked the odds against him. “

He continued, disclosing how tall Kong actually is for the new movie: “We estimate that Kong might be 50, 60 feet taller.” He’s grown stronger. Kong has arms that are very long and Godzilla has short arms.

“Garcia also shared some details about the beginnings and setting of the film, saying: “The film opens on Skull Island, which has changed a great deal in the 40 years since we last saw it in Kong.

“When the film opened for the first time, we saw the beginning of a very big event, a major ongoing mission to stem this global threat.”


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