The Umbrella Academy: Will You Have A Movie?


The Umbrella Academy achieved great successes on Netflix. For this reason, a rumor began to circulate that he might have a movie.

Without a doubt, The Umbrella Academy became one of the most successful Netflix original series. The series has a plot filled with adventure, comedy, drama, and science fiction, which was created in the comics by singer Gerard Way. According to new rumors, this series could have its own movie within the streaming platform.

According to reports from Nielsen, a platform dedicated to sharing information on the popularity of audiovisual material, The Umbrella Academy was played for three billion minutes on Netflix. This means it was seen three times higher than The Mandalorian reached in its first season. According to Daniel Richtman, Netflix plans to carry out a film focused on the superhero brothers. Although this genre is occasionally flagged as overexploited, The Umbrella Academy proved to be great.

An unstoppable success

The series was a worldwide success. Not only are fans excited for the future of fiction, but so are its cast. Robert Sheehan himself, who plays the hilarious Klaus on The Umbrella Academy, spoke to Digital Spy in early August about his interest in making some kind of spin-off.

“Me and Mr. Tom Hopper, who plays Luther Hargreeves, have unfinished business on screen. I think we definitely have more to do, in The Umbrella Academy or in a spin-off, ” said the actor. With the excellent reception of the new episodes, it is only a matter of time before Netflix does something bigger with this spectacular superhero series. The truth is that the fiction has already been confirmed for the third season. We will have to wait for what happens in the future.


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