The Undoing: HBO Releases Trailer for Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant Series

The Undoing: HBO Releases Trailer for Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant Series
The Undoing: HBO Releases Trailer for Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant Series

The star/writer duo Nicole Kidman and David E. Kelly are now coming up with a new HBO series name “The Undoing”. As we all are suspect of their success with “Big Little Lies”, now the fans are expecting the same portrait from the duo. Viewers highly appreciated the duo’s work on HBO’s “Big Little Lies”. 

The HBO has released the official trailer for The Undoing Wednesday morning. Earlier this year the series was postponed but now HBO has finally released the premiering date of the show which is the 25th of October.

What we know about the series

The story of “The Undoing” is based on the novel “You Should Have Known” that is written by Jean HanffKorelitz. Writer and executive producer Kelly adopted the idea and implemented it on the screen which we will see on its premier.

“The Undoing” directs star Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant in the lead where Nicole and Hugh are presented as Grace and Jonathan Fraser respectively. Both are living their only lives as they always wanted to live. 

Everything was good, suddenly overnight things got changed drastically. A crevice opens in their lives with violent deaths and a chain of terrible events, which left her behind in a crowd of disasters, where she has failed to take note of her advice.

Grace was left with an option to delete one’s life and start a new one for her child and her family. In the series, we will see how she manages to deal with the situation and how the story relates to Grace and Fraser together.

More details about the series

The show casts some mini stars that include Ismael Cruz Cordova, Edgar Ramirez, Matilda De Angelis, Noah Jupe, Noma Dumezwemi, Sofie Grabol, Lily Rabe, and Donald Sutherland.

As we mentioned earlier prophesies for “The Undoing” are already high, not only because of the duo’s success on “Big Little Lies” but also due to multiple projects Nicole has worked on which are applauded by the viewers. 

Kelly said that she drew into the show because of the piece, the theme, and the core hidden in rejections that these characters lived. 

The makers have already released the trailer for the series and you can get a glimpse of it here –  


“The Undoing” will arrive on Sunday 25th of October sharp at 9 pm on HBO so don’t forget to watch it.

Stay safe and stunned with us for further details.
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