The Walking Dead: 6 Extra Episodes In Season 10!


More than a decade later, ‘ The Walking Dead ‘ knows how to reinvent itself to continue leading the television grid. In times of COVID-19, when numerous productions have undergone changes and cancellations, the AMC series has managed to redirect the end of its tenth season so as not to leave fans hungry: six new episodes will be released to close (now) the season and steer your story to the next phase. The premiere date will be Monday, March 1 from 10 p.m. (as usual, in the United States it will be seen the night before).

‘The Walking Dead’ thus creates a kind of bridge that offers us numerous surprises and returns, as the first and cryptic ‘teaser’ has made clear. In addition, we already know the titles of these episodes, as well as their respective synopsis and main characters:

Episode 10×17: ‘Home Sweet Home’. It will show the reunion between Maggie ( Lauren Cohan ), who has returned to history, and Negan ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ), who has not been forgotten or forgiven. Also, Daryl ( Norman Reedus ) will appear to help her fight against an invisible and unknown threat.

Episode 10×18: ‘Find me’. The relationship between Daryl and Carol ( Melissa McBride ) begins to change when they find an old cabin, which awakens certain memories in Daryl of those years when he left the group after the disappearance of Rick ( Andrew Lincoln ).

Episode 10×19: ‘One more’. With a map from Maggie, Gabriel ( Seth Gilliam ) and Aaron ( Ross Marquand ) are on a mission to find food and supplies to bring them back to Alexandria. But the road will not be as easy as they hoped, the tragedies are magnified and their faith is being tested.

Episode 10×20: ‘Splinter’ . A group consisting of Eugene ( Josh McDermitt ), Ezekiel ( Khary Payton ), Yumiko ( Eleanor Matsuura ) and The Princess ( Paola Lázaro ) falls into a trap and they are all captured by the mysterious soldiers, who keep them separated. The main problem will be in the claustrophobia of the Princess, who will try to escape anyway with the help of Ezekiel.

Episode 10×21: ‘Diverged’ . Here we see how Daryl and Carol’s friendship goes through a bad time, and at a certain point in their path, they decide that perhaps it is best to continue separately. A necessary turning point to regain your friendship or the beginning of the end for yours?

Episode 10×22: ‘Here’s Negan’. Carol takes Negan on a trip in hopes of defusing a tension that never seems to end. For his part, Negan takes advantage of his new time just to reflect on himself and, above all, on his future.

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