The Walking Dead: Famous Villain Is Getting A Spin-Off


The Walking Dead does not stop developing new projects. Now, according to new rumors, a major villain could have his own series or movie?

For 10 years, The Walking Dead became AMC’s most successful series. Fiction gave us unforgettable moments, many of them featuring great villains who came to threaten the survival of the protagonists. Of course, many of these evil people became the public’s favorites and there is a chance that one of them has their own project.

At the moment, it is known that one of the chapters with which AMC will begin in 2021 will take us to Negan’s past before the apocalypse. “Here’s Negan” will be one of the six episodes that will make up the tenth season extension of The Walking Dead. This means that actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan will have an episode dedicated to his character; The same will happen with the Beta Whisperer who will show us his origin in the Tales of the Walking Dead episode.

What other villains are left?

One villain still to be explored much more is the governor, Philip Blake. At the time, David Morrisey had already demonstrated his desire to return to the famous universe and retake the character. The truth is that there is a lot of unused literary material that delves into the past of this great villain and that fans would be happy to see it on the small screen.

“Obviously, this fiction comes from a series of graphic novels by Robert Kirkman. There are three novels within them: The Rise of the Governor, The Road to Woodbury, and The Fall of the Governor. If I came back, I would love to go back, in a filmy way, to tell those stories “, revealed the actor.

For now, the universe of The Walking Dead will return in 2021. In Spain, it will do so through FOX from March 1 with its extended season 10.


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