The Walking Dead: Rick Grimes movie would have an R rating


Rick Grimes, the main character of the series The Walking Dead, will have his own trilogy of films, and new details have come to light.

AMC has been working on the trilogy that revolves around Rick Grimes for many years. After the pause they had to take due to the coronavirus, Andrew Lincoln revealed in December that the first of the films would finally begin shooting in the spring of 2021. And now we know that this The Walking Dead movie will be full of violence, both physical and verbal. For this reason, new rumors suggest that the film would have an R rating.

This was reported by Daniel Richtman on his Patreon website. A piece of news that confirms what Scott Gimple, head of content for the series and writer with the creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, said about the script. At the time, Gimple himself compared the new Rick Grimes story to the X-Men movie Logan, which earned an R rating for the strong explicit violence on screen that characterized it.

In addition to the violence, the film presented the character of Hugh Jackman in a different way than the previous films, making it accessible to an audience that went beyond fans of X-Men and Marvel movies. According to Scott Gimple, he was inspired by these two aspects to address the new adventures of Rick Grimes, a character that we will see very differently and who will not look anything like that person that fans have not seen in years.

A movie for everyone

The new movie in the universe of The Walking Dead seeks to be a movie “for everyone” according to Scott Gimple. It will be intended both for fans of the huge franchise and for those people who have never seen the series and do not know the character much. In this way, they will seek to achieve the same as the X-Men with Logan.

“It’s something different, and I think in a way it’s about the whole story, fulfilling the character of Rick Grimes and taking people on an exciting ride,” Gimple told THR in 2019.


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