The Walking Dead scene that terrified Aliyah Royale


“I never imagined working with a creature like an ‘empty’, as we call them on World Beyond,” says Aliyah Royale over the phone ahead of the launch of AMC’s The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

Amitabh Royale is the twenty year old American actress who plays the role of Iris Bennett in the hit tv show The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

You can watch the trailer of the show here-

How Aliyah Royale portrayed a younger character?

“To be on a show where that is my reality was frightening at first but that’s what gave me a lot to pull from, maintaining that level of naivety because Iris is younger than I am in real life,” says the 20-year-old Maryland native. “At the same time, the strengths that I have as Aliyah helped me find the balance between what’s curious and what’s naive, what’s a power move and what’s rebellious.” She did a pretty great job at it too!

Royale was haunted by a ghost!

Royale revealed in an interview that the first house she stayed in Virginia was haunted. She recounted that one night she saw a ghost walk right past her.

“I’m crying. At some point, I’m like, ‘Yo, Alexa? I am moving in. Get ready.’ And that’s the story of me and Alexa living together, shooting The Walking Dead.” the young actress recalls.

The two ended up sharing an apartment throughout the shoot.

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