This ‘The Mandalorian’ Character Won’t Be Seen Anymore In Season 2


Actress and pro wrestler Sasha Banks reveals that her character Koska Reeves will no longer be returning to the second season of The Mandalorian.

Sasha Banks, whose real name is Mercedes Varnado, has played the Mandalorian warrior Koska Reeves in the chapter entitled “The Heiress” of The Mandalorian and has now commented on what a possible return would be like and how the character would develop.

“Well I can only hope the fans know more, I’m just in this episode of The Mandalorian,” he confirmed. “It’s amazing, but we can only hope for more. So if I can pray and manifest something, I just hope that I and Katee, Bo-Katan Kryze, can get the Darksaber one day. But we’ll have to… Look, I don’t know.”

It will be a pity that Koska Reeves does not return to the second season because they will leave a very interesting story open. Still, we will surely know more about her, as Bo-Katan’s story is far from over. And The Mandalorian’s actions are sure to affect his future.

As for what she hopes to bring to the role in the future, the actress compared the warrior to her WWE character in the ring.

Sasha Banks commented that: “I would say that Koska and Sasha have almost the same kind of attitude and just the presence of knowing who is in control and maintaining their position to be present, holding their power. I feel like that’s what I’m trying to bring to Koska. I wanted to have a bit of legitimate essence. But I hope we can find out more in the third season of The Mandalorian.”

The character Koska Reeves has already saved Baby Yoda, which has won him many fans in the process, so we hope that the character returns with his fellow Mandalorians to find out what happens to the warriors and the dark saber that Moff currently owns. Gideon.

The episodes of The Mandalorian premieres every Friday on the Disney+ platform.


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