Thor: Love & Thunder: New Character?

Chris Hemsworth reveals Marvel future after Thor: Love and Thunder
Chris Hemsworth reveals Marvel future after Thor: Love and Thunder

There are many MCU characters that disappeared without any explanation but it seems that at least one of them will return in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Love and Thunder are putting together an incredible cast, with the Guardians of the Galaxy appearing in the movie and Christian Bale taking on the role of the villainous Gorr the Butcher God. However, there are some big returns too, with Natalie Portman returning as Jane Foster (transforming into the mighty Thor), and Jaimie Alexander now seemingly confirmed to play Lady Sif.

The actress played that role in Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and the Marvel Agents of SHIELD episodes Yes Men (2014) and Who You Really Are (2015), but nothing has been heard from her since. the character has not even been mentioned in Ragnarok or Endgame.

Now the actress has landed in Australia to begin filming her role in the Marvel Studios film, and this is sure to get fans even more excited. Despite some hints that Sif had romantic feelings for the God of Thunder, many hope that she ends up connecting on a romantic level with Valkyrie. After all, the new queen of Asgard is on the hunt for her Queen, and who better than Ladi Sif?

Regardless, we never had an explanation for Sif’s absence in Thor: Ragnarok, so it will be interesting to know what she’s been up to and how her return might influence this battle against Gorr, the God of Butcher.


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