‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ Taiki Waitit Could Bring Back This Character

Chris Hemsworth reveals Marvel future after Thor: Love and Thunder
Chris Hemsworth reveals Marvel future after Thor: Love and Thunder

After the events of Infinity War, director Taika Waititi might want to bring Hemidall back in Thor: Love and Thunder.

After the events of Ragnarok, Infinity War, and Endgame there is a character who needs to find a new team. And is that many of Thor’s companions lost their lives in one of these installments. The Norse god is without a doubt one of the Avengers who has lost the most in the MCU. His family, colleagues, and even his planet. And while we will see him join the Guardians of the Galaxy for a while, he may be thinking of other friends.

Thor: Love and Thunder will re-introduce Valkyrie and Jane Foster who will likely side with Odinson. But the Taika Waititi could have among Thor 4’s plans to bring back his original companions. The director recently met with actor Idris Elba who plays Heimdall in the MCU. The duo took part in a rugby sporting event in New Zealand last weekend. Now Waititi shares new photos with Elba. And many believe they are clues that Heimdall will return to the MCU. In the Instagram post, the director shares: “Idris Elba and I visited the All Blacks last week. I think we agree and we can say that this inspired yesterday’s victory ”.

For his part, Taika Waititi is already preparing the production of Thor: Love and Thunder, which will begin filming in the following months. So Idris Elba could have traveled to New Zealand not just for the event. If not, he might be discussing a possible Heimdall comeback and preparing for the recordings. But at the moment everything is speculation.

In Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi got rid of all of Thor’s companions except Lady Sif and Heimdall. And although the whereabouts of Lady Sif is unknown, Heimdall plays a significant role in the film. Much more relevant than in other installments. But it didn’t last long, as he was one of the first to die in Infinity War, right after sending the Hulk to Earth. Although the chances of Idris Elba returning are slim, anything is possible in the MCU.

Taika Waititi didn’t finish off Heimdall in Ragnarok. So he could have had other plans for the character’s future. Idris Elba will return to the world of comics but this time as part of The Suicide Squad. Although he keeps the door open for Marvel and wants to return to play Heimdall in another installment of Thor. After the events of the Infinity War, Idris Elba shared that he would be willing to return.

“I have no idea. It’s a show about superheroes and guns, who knows. It has been great to be a part of the Marvel family. I’m sure they decided to get rid of so many characters because they had completed their natural course. I loved playing him ”.

At the moment, it is known that Thor: Love and Thunder will feel like an Avengers 5 thanks to the large cast. Would you like to see Idris Elba return to the MCU?


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