Timothee Chalamet: Son Of Edward Scissorhands


It seems that the sequels are not only seen in the cinema, but also in advertising. And who would have thought that we would ever see the son of Eduardo Scissorhands and above all played by Timothée Chalamet? All of this comes true in Cadillac’s ad for Super Bowl 2021, which we watched this weekend to see that the young actor, with his pale skin and lonely gaze, would be perfect to continue the legacy of the film. Tim Burton from 1990.

In the ad we hear the voice of Winona Ryder, who co-starred in the original film, saying, “This is the story of a boy with scissors in his hands … No, not that one. My son: Edgar” We see Chalamet getting up in the morning and facing all kinds of problems because of his hands: magnets from science class get stuck, he punctures a ball while playing with his classmates, tears a tape on the bus, he stays hooked on wire fences … We also see him with a virtual reality device imagining what it would be like to drive if he had hands. So his mother finds the solution: Cadillac’s new LYRIQ electric model, the subject of this entire ad, which with the push of a button can put itself into automatic mode and save Edgar a bad drink.

A bit of humor and a good shot of nostalgia with one of the biggest stars of the moment:

We will see Chalamet soon in ‘Dune’, the new adaptation by Denis Villeneuve that has been delayed on multiple occasions due to the expansion of Covid-19, and whose release date is, for now, next November. We will also see him in new works by Wes Anderson, ‘The French Dispatch’, and Adam McKay, ‘Don’t Look Up’.

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