Tom Holland As James Bond? Deets Inside


We are more than tired of hearing the same thing every week: ‘so and so’ could become the new James Bond. It has been said of so many actors by now that there may be no one left to name in the whole of the UK. Since Daniel Craig announced that he was retiring as Agent 007, speculation has been constant. Recently, Regé-Jean Page from ‘The Bridgertons’ was singled out as a good candidate, and the actor replied very eloquently: “I think there should be an element of cultural translation here: if you’re British and you do something of a certain renown then people value positively, then they start saying the ‘B’ word

Indeed, a good number of British actors have had to face the shadow of James Bond simply to reach a peak of fame and recognition. It happened to Cillian Murphy in the prime years of ‘Peaky Blinders’, and recently to Richard Madden for television thrillers like ‘Bodyguard’ and Paul Mescal following their success on the series ‘Normal People’. Even so, at the top of the stakes, there are still actors like Tom Hardy and James Norton, with special mentions to Idris ElbaTom Hiddleston or Sam Heughan.

Tom Holland is now on this famous list, but this time on his own initiative: it was the actor who gave life to Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) who has expressed his desire to become the new 007. ” In the end, as a young British man who loves movies, I love James Bond. So there I leave it. The suit suits me very well! And it would be like a super short James Bond“he told the Variety‘s Awards podcast. Circuit. His words are clearly joking, but they have been enough to put the possibility on the table. Given the public’s love for him and his rising career in the industry, it wouldn’t be such a far-fetched option. Although it is precisely the ‘buts’ that can be put to your choice that could mean the beginning of a new chapter in the film history of the character created by Ian Fleming.

There is a clear point against him when it comes to becoming James Bond: his age. Tom Holland is 24 years old, so, if chosen, he would become the youngest actor in history to play the mythical character. But in this detail, there is much more change than just a figure. And it is that a twenty-something Bond would have nothing to do with a mature Bond as we are used to. For comparison: Craig adopted the role at 37 (now, with ‘No Time to Die’, he is 52), Pierce Brosnan was already past forty in ‘GoldenEye’ and Sean Conneryhe was in his thirties. As we can see, the age of the Bond has evolved more upwards than downwards. And that makes us wonder if now is the time to reverse that trend. What if the next James Bond did not continue with the usual legacy, but traveled to the past to show us the beginnings of the character? What if the next step in the saga was a prequel with a 007 taking its first steps?

Of course, such an option could turn the saga upside down but also revitalize it. In the end, he has been exploring the same terrain for more than 50 years. ‘Casino Royale’ already showed us a less elegant Bond, who does not care if the vodkatini is mixed, shaken or stirred, and who stood out in many ways from his precedents, through the acclaimed ‘Skyfall’ and the most classic ‘Specter’.

Another point against the young actor, along with his age, is his fame. At least, so says Dr. Ian Kinane, editor of the international journal of studies on James Bond, who recently dismissed Henry Cavill, current Superman in the DC Comics universe and Geralt of Rivia in ‘ The Witcher ‘ on Netflix, as the successor to the franchise for being ” too famous .” According to the expert, someone like Jamie Bell, who is 34 years old and reasonably famous, would be a better fit.

Now, putting Tom Holland among the candidates opens a new door in the saga, full of different possibilities and that would bring renewed air to the franchise. He may be too young and too famous, but he’s also charismatic enough to create his own version of Agent 007. And, if it doesn’t work out, you can always sign up for one of the ‘Kingsman’ sequels, which is a bit the same.

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