Top 5 socially popular cryptos ranked by Lunarcrush


    The crypto winter has already caused a lot of big cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, to lose a lot of value. Around the world, the market for cryptocurrencies can be very stable or very unstable.

    Even though the market is unstable right now, people still like to talk about popular cryptocurrencies on social media sites.

    Galaxy Score was made by LunarCrush so that people could track how much the price of bitcoin changes. Let’s start by looking at the most valuable coins, which are TRX, HBAR, MINA, SRM, and FTT.

    1. TRON (TRX)

    It is an operating system that was made to be used every day. Blockchain is the name of the technology that makes it work. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum can only handle 25 transactions per second. On the other hand, TRON says that it can handle 2,000 transactions per second.

    1. Hedera’s (HBAR)

    Hedera Hashgraph is the most popular, long-lasting, and ready-for-business public network for decentralized applications (Dapps). It should also be a more fair and effective system because it will move faster and be less unstable. CoinMarketCap says that the current price of Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) is $0.402246 USD, and its 24-hour trading volume is $327,668,735 USD.

    1. Mina (MINA)

    Mina (MINA) is a simple blockchain that is meant to make decentralized applications (Dapps) do less work. Even though the number of transactions has grown, it has the fewest and smallest size. It is also a good mix of being in one place and being in many places.

    The current value of Mina in US dollars, according to CoinMarketCap, is $4.29, and its 24-hour trading volume is $68.073.566.

    1. Serum (SRM)

    The serum is a digital currency made by a decentralized exchange that gives DeFi the fastest speed and cheapest transaction costs in the world. The Serum is also the only DEX in the chain that has both a matching engine and a central limit order book. Serum’s on-chain order book can also be used by ecosystem partners to offer liquidity and make trades possible for both institutions and regular people. Serum’s on-chain order book is used to do this.

    CoinMarketCap says the current price of Serum (SRM) is $7.57 USD and that $215,860,610 USD worth of Serum has been traded in the last 24 hours.

    1. FTX

    Almeda Research, the market leader in trading cryptocurrency and a major provider of liquidity, backs FTX Token (FTT). They also have ways to get rid of products, product lists, collateral, and margins for maintenance. FTX also says that it will put quick development cycles at the top of its list so that it can make trading platforms for cryptocurrencies available quickly.

    LunarCrush is a group that takes information from different social media feeds to share every crypto story, big or small, as told by fans, investors, and developers. The platform has taken advantage of the way people talk on social media sites, which is a big part of the value and future of the cryptocurrency industry. LunarCrush combines a wide range of moods, market movements, and growing trends into a single, coherent picture that is shown on dashboards based on themes. Trade Cryptos stable coins and other coins on the most trusted platform bitcoin superstar

    Joe Vezzani, the founder and CEO of LunarCrush, said, “It’s impossible for a person to look through the hundreds of thousands of pieces of crypto-specific content that are uploaded online every day.” LunarCrush makes it easier to do these things. It lets investors find out how bitcoin communities work and how they change over time.

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    LunarCrush is a place where you can buy and sell digital currencies. It started up in 2018, and its main office is in Costa Mesa, California. The site makes it easier to buy cryptocurrencies with money. The platform uses AI and machine learning to find context and leads in cryptocurrency market conversations in real-time. It lets you use real-time data to make good decisions about whether to buy, trade, or keep cryptocurrency.

    LunarCrush is putting together a growing group of people who use cryptocurrency. The platform now has 2.53 million users, and every day it collects 1.53 million social posts.



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