Toy Story 4: Bonnie Is The Real Villain Of The Film!


‘Toy Story 3’ left us with a comforting feeling despite its bittersweet ending: Maybe Andy was moving forward in his life, but he left his toys in a new and safe place with Bonnie.

We are here to tell you that this is not actually the case.

As we find out at the beginning of ‘Toy Story 4’, Bonnie is disregarding Woody in favor of making Jessie a sheriff. And it’s great, it’s great that the girl feels a closer relationship with Jessie than Woody.

However, Woody is in a situation where he doesn’t even dare to come out of the closet. Not only has he been usurped as sheriff, but Bonnie has also cruelly despised him, and that makes her the true villain of ‘Toy Story 4’.

Why? Well, think about the ending of ‘Toy Story 3’.

Andy wanted to give Bonnie most of his toys before he went to college, but Woody was never in that plan. He had every intention of keeping Woody with him in college.

Andy did not know, however, that Woody had sneaked into the box after writing the note that brought Andy to Bonnie. “My cowboy,” Bonnie says when she sees Woody, and although Bonnie knows Woody, Andy keeps Woody away from her.

Bonnie’s sad face leads him to reconsider his decision, but not before giving her some final instructions.

” Woody has been my friend for as long as I can remember. He’s brave, the way cowboys should be. Kind, smart, but what makes Woody special is that he will never give up on you, never. He will be there for you no matter what. Come in. Do you think you can take care of it for me? “

Bonnie agrees, though she clearly has a curious way of showing it, shortly after Andy throws Woody into the closet.

And yes, you can tell that Bonnie is just a girl and they didn’t exactly have a signed contract. However, he considers that, at the end of ‘Toy Story 4’, his negligence has serious consequences.

Woody realizes throughout ‘Toy Story 4’ that Bonnie (of course) is not Andy, so when given the opportunity to hit the road with Bo Peep, he does. “Bonnie will be fine,” Buzz tells Woody, and of course she will.

But what about Andy?

our beloved toy is now on the road and you will likely never see it again. Don’t forget that Andy wanted to take Woody to college, so he had every intention of keeping him, continuing to love him, and probably turning him into a very valuable family heirloom.

Now, something (someone) that could have happened to Andy’s children and grandchildren is moved permanently. They will never understand if someone has poisoned the water well or they are Woody’s favorite accessory. They will never know THAT THERE IS A SNAKE IN THEIR BOOT.

And it’s all because Bonnie couldn’t keep a single damn promise.

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