Traces Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Plot: When is Traces Series 2 out?


A thriller crime drama originally released on Alibi, after the success of season 1 has shown a green signal for the arrival of season 2. The announcement was made in September 2020. This series is about three women who are forensic experts and solve mysteries together. The series was first aired on Alibi and later debuted on BBC in January 2021, the first episode crossed 6.7 million views. Season 1 was aired in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, Iran, Japan, and Finland. 

Fans are already expressing their excitement on social media. One said if the second series is going to be as good as the previous season, it will be a treat for the fans. Another fan said that they are excited to see the characters back in season 2.

Release Date for the upcoming season!!

The shooting of the second installment of the crime series is still underway, so the released date is not confirmed yet. The second season will likely have 6 episodes, but it is still not confirmed. The series will first air on Alibi before BBC. Those who don’t have access to Alibi have to wait a little more for its release on BBC.  


The list of actors was announced in February 2021. The returning actors are Molly Windsor, Laura Fraser, Jennifer Spence, Martin Composition, and Michael Nardone. Winder, Fraser, and Spence will be seen as Emma Hedges, Professor Sarah Gordon, and Professor Kathy Torrence, the three female forensic experts, respectively. Martin Compston will appear as Daniel Macafee and Michael Nardone as DCI Neil McKinver.

New characters may be screened as season 2 is about a high-profile case. 


It is too early to expect a trailer as the shooting is still on. If people are looking for something to binge on, they can watch season 1 which is available on BBC iPlayer. 

When the trailer is out, it will air on Alibi. Fans can access it through Sky, Virgin, BT, TalkTalk, and TV Player. 


The series is set in Scotland with three main characters from the Scottish Institute of Forensic Science. Season 2 will be running on similar themes as season 1, the three women use their knowledge to examine the shreds of evidence to find who is behind the bombings in Dundee. 

Everyone is waiting eagerly for the second season and we hope to get a chance to watch it soon.


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