Trump banning TikTok may be a blessing for Bitcoin


Right after midnight New York Times, Bitcoin rose to $12,112 although within span of 30 minutes it dropped back $10,638. With Covid-19 sudden outbreak market went extremely low by mid March with Bitcoin dropping down to $4904 but to the surprise it turned back to raise up to $9000 by mid May.

News of Trump’s potential Tik Tok Ban soon has been a blessing for Bitcoin with more than 80 million people having already switched to Bitcoin. Displaying its dominance in the Crypto currency Market Bitcoin is projected to be valued at $13500, representing 0.618 Fibonacci, at the moment it stands at 0.5 Fib. Not just Bitcoin but a lot of other alt coins went higher as well. 

Just for an overview even Ether has had an exponential rise of 80% which means 0.236 Fib. Apart from Ether and Bitcoin third in the line of digital asset by market capitalization is XRP that is experience is raise too. 

The raise is much lower than Ether or Bitcoin and most likely it would need at least 150% growth to reach the mark of 0.85 Fib. Considering the current market trend it’s safe to say that people who have missed their chance on Bitcoin and Ether can now try hands on XRP and expect great benefit from its current value and projected value.

Similar to the trend of ERH and XRP, there is one more crypto currency rising from the bottom of the list and is being noticed a lot lately. EOS being valued at $3 currently is projected to value $6.50 soon with 0.236 Fib and this could be a great benefit to investors. 

With top tier currency breaking the channel, a lot of investors are going to look at the ones at bottom of the chart owing to the low risk level and great benefit.

The news has it, Brock Pierce currently has eyes on POTUS which in turn will benefit EOS and the Parent company is aiming at the Tik Tok users who are considering switching. This combination certainly makes EOS a low risk and high return investment for the ones who have missed their chance on top tiers like Bitcoin and Ether.

Without a second thought the major benefit of Tik Tok ban will be enjoyed by Bitcoin, however for investors who want to play safe other crypto currencies like Ether, XRP and EOS are going to serve as great options too.

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