Tubidy Online Video & MP3 Converter

Tubidy Online Video Converter
Tubidy Online Video Converter

A kind of website or a group of websites, Tubidy Online Video Converter provides music and video services to the users. It is referred to as a group of websites because there are a lot of similar websites with the same name. Internet users can search the required audio or video and download them.

The legal position of Tubidy is still questionable and many lawyers believe that it is violating the copyrights of many artists and companies.

Is Tubidy Online Video Converter?

It is like a converter, though one does not have to wait to get the videos converted. When the video is searched on the website, all the videos that are available are already converted. They are available from the website directly in many different formats.

The music can also be downloaded for multiple devices, including personal computers. The user can connect to the website and search for the required audio/video. After searching on the website, one of the results is to be selected and downloaded in the desired format.

Tubidy MP3

In today’s world, music and video songs are available very easily on online websites. When these audios or videos are to be downloaded, sometimes it creates a problem. One such search engine tool and video downloading site is Tubidy. It is one of the largest online platforms where people can upload, download, share, and get access to a lot of media files.

This portal is also very useful in indexing various kinds of trendy music videos through this search engine which is user-friendly. A lot of entertaining videos can be easily accessed in one place. The main website of Tubidy is www.tubidy.com which is free for each and every person to use.

It is a website that will allow the user to upload as well as download their favorite videos and music videos online for free.

Tubidy Online Video Converter
Tubidy Online

Tubidy MP3 download

The popularity of Tubidy has been growing widely all over the world because it is consistently providing free service to every music lover. Many people across various countries have started using Tubidy for their entertainment purpose.

Some people can download the video of their favorite singer while others can use it to download other trending videos. All the users who are registered can have access to the uploaded media files and download them. Some of the most popular downloading sites are-

  1. Tubidy.cc
  2. Tubidy.cf
  3. Tubidy.co
  4. Tubidy.com
  5. Tubidy.us

These websites help when a new user tries to use Tubidy and does not know anything about it. A lot of information is available about Tubidy online, including the features offered, categories, and working.

This website not only provides the option of downloading the latest music videos but also promotes the users to upload videos of their own choice. Therefore, a lot of people share their personal videos on Tubidy. The steps to download the videos are-

  1. Search for the title- Type the name of the video and search for it in the search box and the search engine will give the results.
  2. Choose the result- Scroll down the list of results displayed on the screen and choose the preferred one. Click on the “download” button and the MP3 downloader will do the rest of the work.
  3. Save the file-It is the user’s decision to select the place where they want to save the file, the user can then listen to the song even offline.

Tubidy Alternatives

Most of the users have started preferring Tubidy over the other online alternatives because it has a very user-friendly interface which allows people to easily search and navigate through the website. All the available tabs are organized in a good manner which holds the entertainment categories that the website offers.

Many types of music and audio videos are uploaded every single day. So, the users can get the specific required videos and songs as per desire within a few minutes. The user can easily locate a particular file with the help of a well-organized menu.

Since the website provides easy accessibility of any specific content that the user desires, the website has become one of the most used among many other similar websites that are available.

The user can click on the menu to find all the categories which help one to search their favorite songs and videos within a few seconds. Through a single click on any particular category that the menu contains, one gets a better comprehensive view of content.

Whether one wants to search for a video or song or any of the latest trending entertaining videos, all of them are available in one place at the Tubidy website. The search menu helps to make a quick search for the media file that is to be opened. The search bar enables a quick search and helps to get the video instantly. The content of the entire website can be searched instantly.

Tubidy categories

Many categories are offered on the homepage of Tubidy. One feature that makes Tubidy different from other websites is that it does not contain too many icons, which makes it easier to navigate and look throughout the entire media content that is on screen.

This avoids any confusion of finding the specific video or entertainment content. The categories that the official website of Tubidy contains are-

  1. My account Playlist- This feature helps users who are registered with the website as they can create and manage their own account playlist. Every user can save and visit different media content according to their personal choices.

They can access their playlist from anywhere at any point in time. To add any particular video, one has to save the video from the website. It becomes easier to play the video after saving it, as it saves the time consumed in searching for the video.

  1. My Upload- As already mentioned, the Tubidy website is not only useful for downloading the videos but is also a platform that encourages users to upload videos of their own choice. The user can enjoy this rare opportunity of uploading the videos of their personal preference. The interface being user- friendly consumes very little time in uploading the video.

In order to upload the music or content on the website, the user has to just visit the main website and then log in to the account. After that, the upload option is to be selected and the desired content can be uploaded.

  1. Top Video- This category helps one to reach out to the latest trending videos that have been recently uploaded on the website. This makes the user aware of all the trending videos and incidents all over the world. One can enjoy these videos on the official homepage of Tubidy.

This category displays the most recent and most popular videos on social media. These videos are enjoyed by almost every user.

  1. My stats- To have any information about the user’s account or activity this category can be used. The ‘My Stats’ option is available on the menu. It contains all the information about the account login or activity.
  1. My Recently Viewed- When one wants to go through the history of the videos that have been watched or downloaded, this category is helpful. This can be done by clicking on my recently viewed option on the website. It contains all the media content that one visited or shared previously.
Tubidy Online Video Converter
Tubidy Online Video
  1. Language- Since this website is popular all over the world; language sometimes acts as a barrier for the user to surf. The videos that are uploaded are in different languages.

The user can choose the language that they prefer which changes the language of the website as well as the content that they wish to stream.

  1. Search Box- An online platform which helps to index various music from numerous sources to the website from which people can stream or download videos. It is like a search engine tool that is useful to find a specific music video to download or stream.

Tubidy acts as the best ally that helps the user to get what they seek. The search box serves for all the data that the user desires. Just clicking on the search bar and typing the desired video one can download it.

Tubidy video

Tubidy is an easier and faster platform that helps in downloading or uploading videos of the user’s choice. The MP3 download and video search service help in listening to music anytime and anywhere. The best feature of this website is that it is free.

With the search engine, it is easier to find and access to these videos.

The music downloader category of Tubidy helps in downloading the desired video either in MP3 or MP 4.The downloaded files can work on any device that the user wants whether it is the music player, i-pod, i-pad or any other digital device.

Media files that can be downloaded with Tubidy

A well- recognized website that provides users with access to download or stream various media files along with a rare opportunity to upload it. There are many users who are downloading and uploading videos with Tubidy, as it has a huge collection of all the latest videos from all around the world.

The website also allows searching for many other entertaining videos and downloading them. This prevents data loss as almost all of the content is available in one place that is Tubidy.

Tubidy Search engines

The best way to download any media file content is through a trusted search engine. Therefore, Tubidy is specially designed for the users to download all kinds of music videos available all over the internet and that too without any hassle. The user- friendly interface of the search engine makes navigation through the website easier.

Unlike some of the search engines that are full of pop-ups and advertisements, Tubidy has no ads and will get the user to their favorite video or music within a few seconds.

Apart from downloading various music videos, Tubidy also offers the user an option to download various kinds of entertaining content. For this, all one needs to do is go to the search box and type in the name of the video that one needs to download.

The search engine bar is easier to locate on the website. Then just the name of the video is required. All the songs of that particular artist will appear on the screen. Some other options of the videos available on Tubidy are-

  • 1. Comedy videos
  • 2. Entertaining videos
  • 3. Trending songs

Tubidy domain list

The Tubidy website has many domains that the user can access through the main website by visiting through any domain names. Some of the domains are as follows-

Tubidy Online Video Converter
  • 1. Mobi
  • 2. Tubidy-mp3.com
  • 3. Com.co
  • 4. Net.no
  • 5. Tubidy.com


Tubidy.Mobi is a music video search engine that provides songs and videos to millions of people who love listening to mp3 or mp4 songs and videos.

Even though Tubidy provides a lot of options and facilities for the users to choose from there is still an ongoing debate about whether the use of Tubidy is legal or illegal.

Some believe that Tubidy is illegal because it violates the copyright policy of many artists. All the media files are free to be viewed and downloaded from the website.

Tubidy was removed from the App store due to the violation of YouTube’s terms and conditions. Therefore, Tubidy is not available on the app store but can be downloaded from some of the other online sites.

Tubidy on Android

Tubidy has the ability to work on cross-platform and cross-device, which is exciting for people who want to listen to music and have fun. Tubidy is very conservative and does not use such data. Even if the cellular data is limited, one can use Tubidy to enjoy high-quality streaming.

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