Twilight Why the Vampires Might Be Faeries

Twilight Why the Vampires Might Be Faeries
Twilight Why the Vampires Might Be Faeries

Stephenie Meyer has perpetually been on the gaining end of massive criticism for her Twilight saga, and not only for the difficult concepts, but it also supports.

The saga’s vampire lore and different mythology have been reviled for their inconsistencies in particular, which have commenced to several fans making theories of their own to understand these holes. One theory claims the vampires in Twilight are another creature altogether: Faeries.

This theory questions Meyer’s idea to make vampires glow in the sun posted by a Redditor when most vampire lore says they burn, catches fire, or turns to dust under UV rays.

It was then noticed that faeries are usually depicted as sparkling, shimmering beings, incredibly light. The theory also builds on Edward’s time in the circular meadow in the woods near his home.

Faeries generally live in and around lush, forested lands and faerie circles often crop up around their dwellings.

Twilight Why the Vampires Might Be Faeries
Twilight Why the Vampires Might Be Faeries

The theory has finally noted that some faeries drink blood: In Scottish and Gaelic folklore, a Baobhan Sith is a creature with vampiric traits. These blood-sucking faeries are unique and terrorize the Scottish Highlands.

If Edward Cullen is a faerie, it would also suggest his strange obsession with Bella Swan, since faeries are acknowledged for their fascination with humans.

According to most vampire lore, these immortal creatures don’t age. They’re also blessed with super strength and super speed.

However, Twilight’s vampires also possess certain superpowers, like Alice’s ability to see the future, Edward’s mind-reading prowess, and Jasper’s ability to alter others’ emotions. This is more in line with faerie lore.

Furthermore, the faerie theory would account for the presence of the Volturi in Twilight. Faeries are famously separated into two main courts that protect the realm: Seelie and Unseelie.

In the Twilight saga, the Volturi act as guardians, keeping vampires’ presence hidden from the human world, which often includes sending assassins to eradicate anyone who threatens their existence.


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