Twitter hackers were caught after sending Bitcoin to verified Coinbase accounts


The trio behind the hacking of Twitter Inc. was allegedly arrested on Friday. The trio has been identified as Graham Ivan Clark from Tampa Florida, Mason Sheppard from UK, and Nima Fazeli from Orlando Florida by media reports although initially their identities were hidden by U.S Federal Bureau of Investigation. Twitter explained the scam via series of tweets. 

They mentioned that the group had initiated the scam with targeting a few employees by misusing the human vulnerabilities in order to get access to the internal system. After the successful access to the internal system the group Tweeted Bitcoin scam messages across the high-profile accounts including Barack Obama former US president, Co-founder of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates and CEO of Elon Musk, Tesla. 

They were able to successfully gain access to about 45 accounts from which they tweeted the scam messages. 

Twitter hackers were caught after sending Bitcoin to verified Coinbase accounts

No matter how clever the trio would have been in planning the entire scam but at the end the execution wasn’t done so smartly. The hunt to trace them turned out be very smooth by just utilizing the blockchain analysis tools. 

The Bitcoin was sent to their crypto currency account that was verified with original driver’s license of Mason Sheppard and Nima Fazeli.

The real mastermind behind the entire act was Graham Ivan Clark. Reportedly he hired Mason Sheppard and Nima Fazeli who helped him get access to twitter.

 Clark holds previous track record as well of being investigated for an alleged theft of $865,000 in Bitcoin, even though he was never charged for it. Looking at the entire matter he was granted a bail on Saturday against $725,000. 

The chief strategy officer for digital security awareness training company “MediaPro Holdings LLC” mentioned that the scam was extremely well-planned and to be safe from such attacks it’s crucial to conduct employee trainings.

This has so far been the biggest known twitter hack till date, which was thankfully investigates quickly by FBI and attackers behind were hence arrested.

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