Two Prominent Cardano Community Members Dispel Misinformation Regarding The Vasil Hard Fork

Two Prominent Cardano Community Members Dispel Misinformation Regarding the Vasil Hard fork

On Thursday (August 18), Adam Dean and Andrew Wesberg, two prominent Cardano community members, kindly took the time to clarify the current status of testing for the Vasil protocol upgrade.

Dean, the current co-founder of Buffy Bot Publishing, used to run a stake pool but now develops apps for the Cardano blockchain. And what about Wesberg? He works as a SPO and an Android developer (“Blue Cheese Stke House”).

These remarks were made during a lively conversation with Dan Gambardello, creator of the popular YouTube channel Crypto Capital Venture.

Based on comments made by Dean and IOG Co-Founder and CEO Charles Hoskinson in this interview and tweets posted in the last few days, here’s a rundown of what’s happened so far and what’s next leading up to the Vasil hard fork combinator (HFC) event on the mainnet.

To begin, a major flaw was discovered after some SPOs upgraded their mainnet nodes ahead of schedule to release candidate 1.35.2.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of SPOs upgraded their nodes to release candidate 1.35.2 in order to “simulate a Vasil HCF event there,” which unfortunately “catastrophically broke” this critical testnet and prevented it from being upgraded to release candidate 1.35.3. For over two years, the main Cardano testnet had been running flawlessly.

Although a couple of new testnets have been created to allow Cardano DApp developers and SPOs to test this latest version of Cardano, Dean and Wesberg advise that it is still early days and that they should not upgrade on the mainnet until the community of DApp developers and SPOs has finished their testing on these new testnets (which could take a few weeks), because we cannot be super confident that there are no “showstopper” bugs in release 1.35.3.

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Cardano Stake Pools Had Upgraded Their Mainnet Nodes

According to Cardano PoolTool, as of 3:30 PM UTC on August 19, 17% of Cardano stake pools had upgraded their mainnet nodes to release 1.35.3. Once 75% of the nodes on the Cardano mainnet have upgraded to Vasil code, there will be a Vasil HFC event (i.e. release 1.35.x, where “x” is 3 if no new defects are discovered).

Some DApp developers and SPOs, as well as Dean and Wesberg, believe 1.35.3 is ready for the mainnet, but Dean and Wesberg argue that it should not be released too soon because it has not undergone proper end-to-end testing on any of the new testnets.

Cardano Mainnet Might Be There In September

So it appears that a Vasil hard fork on the Cardano mainnet will occur sometime in September, and hopefully IOG and Cardano fans, in general, will not put pressure on DApps developers and SPOs to rush the Vasil upgrade on the mainnet just because Cardano rival Ethereum is holding its Merge event on September 15.

Hoskinson recently completed a live stream (around 4:45 p.m. UTC on August 19) in which he discussed release 1.35.3 and why he and the rest of the IOG are so confident in it:

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