Two Valuable NFT Investing Reminders you should know from the World of Women Galaxy Drop

Two Valuable NFT Investing Reminders you should know from the World of Women Galaxy Drop
Two Valuable NFT Investing Reminders you should know from the World of Women Galaxy Drop

The new WOWGalaxy mint was one of those super-frustrating days for me in the NFT space. Additionally, luckily, these experiences are frequently associated with the stepping and contributing side of NFTs.

Dutch Auctions Are All About Timing

The WOWGalaxy drop’s public arrangement was a Dutch deal. Specifically, this inferred that the underlying bid started at 3 ETH for a WOWGalaxy NFT, and it would thus cut down predictably by either 0.3 ETH or from time to time 0.2 ETH. (I don’t have the foggiest idea why that wasn’t for the most part reliable, but instead it every so often brought somewhere around differentiating aggregates.)

In this manner, what’s key here is to understand that the World of Women OG holders were allowed a free mint of the WOWGalaxy NFTs. Additionally, this free mint was well in progress when the Dutch Auction started. Moreover, I think, all around, that caused a bit of inconsistency for this drop.

It was interesting in light of the fact that while the Dutch deal just remained there neglecting to help for several hours, the discretionary market was murmuring with development.

Likewise, some piece of that is because, accepting you knew about everything about things, you’d have known that the free WOWg NFTs printed and recorded by WOW holders had something like one findable property, regardless of the way that the NFTs weren’t revealed.

What the WOW bunch had done there was to make the free WOWg NFTs (the ones mintable by WOW owners) with unequivocally a similar composition trait as the relating WOW had. Along these lines, if WOW #1234 had a light complexion, that suggested that WOWg #11234 (10,000 + 1234) would similarly have a light complexion.

 Delist Before Pre-Reveal!

That evening, I woke up and thinking, “You know, tomorrow I will sort out when they reveal is, and maybe I’ll delist until I see what I have uncommonness-wise.” Admittedly, I hadn’t looked at using any and all means in the plan. I just expected the reveal would be another day or so away.

The floor for gold skin, at the present moment, is at this point under 3 ETH, at any rate. So this screw-up of mine wasn’t exactly so exceptionally dreadful as it would have been, had I lucked out with an extremely fascinating or something like that.

In the long run, I benefitted a nice 1.5 ETH or close (perhaps a piece less after charges, etc), so I went to the WOWg floor and chose the one I was drawn to gorgeously. Paid 1.8 for her, yet really my cost was around 0.3 or so after the flip advantage. Accordingly, it’s a triumph at last, whether or not things could have gone a ton smoother.

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