Korean dramas are playing a vital role in entertaining the viewers and it has become huge money turning industry. Many of the Korean dramas have received a big fan following and amazing reviews from the viewers. Korean dramas are coming in the scene on various streaming platforms. 

One of the popular Korean dramas is A Piece of Your Mind that came a few months back in March 2020. The story shows us how two people with a different state of mind can fall in love and what the true essence of love is.

About the show

The story of the first season starts with a glimpse of pure classical music and artificial intelligence. It continues to show two people with different beliefs that are met by fate and realize that two halves can make a whole. 

The story has many more things to tell but it would be better if you feel it. As I am not here for spoilers so, if you want to feel the warmth and see what the natural love is then without wasting your time give a chance to the show and watch it. 

The enthusiasm of love shown in the show is appreciated everywhere and it has received positive reviews from the viewers. 

The Cast of the show

To show the purity of true love, the cast should also be pure souls. The cast members for the show include Jung Hai-in, Chae Soo-bin, Lee Ha-na, Kim Sung-kyu, Woo Ji-Hyun, Lee Sang-hee, and Kim Jeong to name a few. There are many more supporting members in the show.

Updates for having A Piece OF Your Mind Season 2

The first season of the show has received positive feedbacks and is wrapped up, but there are no updates for having the second season of the show yet. However, the show has been popular enough and gained a lot of fan following which can make creators think for the second season. 

We will have to wait for any announcement whether the drama will entertain us with the second season or not. 


The stories that enhance the true meaning of love are rare to see. This show has designed magic and the magic has connected to the hearts of viewers directly. Those who were here just to know about the show and haven’t watched the show yet can get a glimpse of the show through its official trailer.

Also, stay connected with us to know more about the second season of the show. Stay safe and enjoy reading.


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