V Wars: Here’s Why The American Sci-fi Horror TV Series won’t Have Any More Seasons In The Future?

V Wars: Here’s Why The American Sci-fi Horror TV Series won't Have Any More Seasons In The Future?

Sadly, America’s new science fiction horror TV series will not have a second season on Netflix. The streaming giant axed the series, which stars Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder. Keep reading to know why it couldn’t make it to the future.

V Wars Plot

The story of science fiction series V Wars was adapted from a best-selling graphic novel by Jonathan Maberry. In 2012, the book was published by IDW. Many readers loved the work of Maberry. So Netflix decided to create a series with the same name.

In the series, Ian Somerhalder played the role of Dr. Luther Swann. He gets entangled in the world of horror when a mysterious disease consumes the whole country. It also transforms Michael Fayne, who is the close friend of Swann, into a murderous predator. People who are caught by this disease begin feeding on living humans.

The disease begins to spread all across the city, and society shatters completely. The remaining humans form camps to save their kind and fight against the human feeding monsters aka vampires. Swann tries to see what is happening to people. On the other hand, Fayne becomes the leader of the blood-sucking vampires.

Is Netflix’s V Wars Show Canceled?

The series had such a great storyline, and viewers loved the first season. Now, it seems like fans won’t be able to see Ian Somerhalder back in action to fight against the vampires. It was too early for a thriller series like that to an end after the debut season. Aside from V Wars, Netflix has also canceled October Faction.

V Wars series deals with real-life scenarios. Currently, we are facing disease, fear, racism, borders, and much more. The vampire virus comes into the story after the rampant glacial deterioration. The story tries to tell us that this virus is the creation of humans. Ice is melting, which is exposing new viruses, bacteria as well as pathogens to the world. The story of the series sounds quite similar because we can relate to the current situation.

It is sad to see the series end with multiple cliffhangers. Unfortunately, fans who were waiting for a new season won’t be able to see what happens next in season 2. They won’t be able to see a new season in the future. Some sources reveal that it did not attract much attention from the viewers like other vampire series. It also lacked the wow factor in the series.

Sadly, V Wars fans will have to move on from this series because it won’t be renewed in the future. Ian Somerhalder was excited about the next season and had a new plot in his mind. He was going to introduce two new Indian characters in season 2. However, renewal is impossible now.

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