Vikings: Showrunner Reveals Why Season 6 Is His Last!


The end of Vikings is getting closer, the series ends with the sixth season and Michael Hirst reveals why this decision was made.

To the sadness of many, Vikings reach their final stretch. The series created by Michael Hirst with History Channel in 2013 will put an end to its sixth season. Since its first season, the series has been gaining more and more followers who are now looking forward to seeing how the plot lines come to an end. It’s never easy to finish a series and creator Michael Hirst is the first to acknowledge it. Hirst counts because he decided that the sixth was the last of Vikings.

The creator tells it in an interview with GameSpot. Michael Hirst started Vikings as a way to explore a culture and beliefs that people were less familiar with. In an effort to eliminate prejudices against this culture, I end up becoming fond of the characters. Hirst reveals that from the beginning he knew the point he wanted to get to. Now, with its sixth season, Vikings reach that point and it is the perfect moment to end the series.

“I knew in a global sense how far I wanted to go. And it was very satisfying, in a way, when we got to what I knew the final season was going to be. I also felt like I had already said all I could about Vikings, you know? I started and am fascinated by their culture and beliefs. I wanted to turn around the prejudices and clichés about them. And then I fell in love with these characters. For seven years my days and nights have been full of Vikings. In the evenings he wrote until twelve and traveled to Ireland every week. It was time to end this saga. ”

With the sixth season, Michael Hirst aims to give a satisfactory ending to the fans of the series and the characters. He anticipates that each storyline will have a justified and meaningful conclusion for the audience to enjoy. Hirst is the first to be fond of the characters, so he wants to honor them with worthy endings.

“He had to give these storylines a satisfying conclusion. A conclusion without the deception of any kind. And I felt that if I could think of endings that were satisfying and justified, the audience would hopefully feel the same way. Because I love these characters and they are very important to me ”.

The first 10 episodes of the sixth season of Vikings are now available on HBO, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. Part 2 of the season will arrive in early 2021 to TNT in Spain. The last ten episodes will premiere on January 2 and 3 on the channel. Michael Hirst anticipates an emotional ending and many deaths.

“Of course, it was very emotional because it meant killing a lot of my favorite characters. This entire season, especially these last 10 episodes were very exciting for me and I lost a lot of sleep. But there is also a feeling of relief to reach the end.

For Viking fans, it’s not all bad news. Netflix prepares a sequel titled Vikings: Valhalla with Michael Hirst at the head of the project.


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