‘Vikings: Valhalla’ Everything You Should Know!


Although it seemed that this would never happen, after six seasons the ‘Vikings’ said goodbye to their hobbies. However, although there will be no other chapter in the narrative starring Ragnar Lothbrook, the story will continue thanks to a new spin-off produced by Michael Hearst’s film ‘Vallah’. We’ve been hearing about this new series coming to Netflix for months, but there are two big questions: What will happen about this new series? And when can we enjoy it?

When and where is ‘Vallah’ released?

Although the History Channel original series has arrived via various channels depending on the country (in Spain it is via TNT), its spin-off has been moved to Netflix, which will exclusively air the series. MGM President of Television Production and Development Steve Stark stated, “‘Vallah’ has been a symbol of love for all. And as we wait for this great saga to continue, we are happy to know that fans all over The world will have the opportunity to continue the series in its new home on Netflix. ”

The team behind ‘Vallah’

This project is led by the creator of Vikings, Michael Hairst. He will also serve as a screenwriter but also as an executive producer with MGM Television. He will help you with the screenplay and will act as listener Jeb Stuart (‘The Fugitive’). As Hairst announced in a statement, “Jeb Stuart is a truly amazing writer who will bring new stories and powerful visceral insights to stories about some of the most famous Vikings in history.” ‘Vikings’ co-executive producer Morgan O’Sullivan, who will play the role again in this spin-off, has also been confirmed.

Filming for the series began in the summer of 2020 at Ashford Studios in Ireland, although it had to be suspended for several days due to positive testing by a team member for COVID-19. Delays are accumulating on the project – filming should have started in early 2020 and may premiere in the next few weeks (after the end of ‘Vikings’), but now we can see the series ending in 2021 Aiming till On Netflix. If the epidemic allows it!

This new series will take us a century after the events seen in ‘Vikings’. Yes, we will travel 100 years in the future, “around 1066 and the invasion of England by Rollo’s descendants,” Hairst surmises. Here we will learn the stories of the great Vikings of history such as Leif Erikson, Freed is, Harald Harada and King William the Conqueror.

What will happen to the ‘Vallah’ plot?

Already developed in a statement published in Entertainment Tonight, Hirst said, “One of the great problems is the Christianization of the pagan world.” “You’re going to see Viking Christian armies fighting pagan armies, and that’s really interesting.”

“Vikings: Valhalla has promised to love fans about the franchise,” Netflix executive Channing Dangi said in a statement. “Hard-hitting, unstoppable action based on rich characters and a dramatic story illuminating family, loyalty and power” that we are about to see.

‘Vallah’ cast

Given that the story will be 100 years after ‘Vikings’, chances are we won’t see the same characters again, as they will all be dead for that new phase of history. But we will see their descendants. The descent continues. Nevertheless, as the creator of the series advanced, we can see “familiar faces”.

‘Vallah’ trailer and pictures

‘Vikings’ has finished its television tour with the premiere of its last episode in January 2021, we hope the arrival of its ‘spin-off’ is imminent.

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