‘Vikings: Valhalla’ What’s Known About The Spin-Off?


Although it seemed like this would never happen, six seasons later the Vikings said goodbye to their fans. However, while there will be no more chapters in the literature starring Ragnar Lothbrok, his story is thanks to a new spin to fun created by Michael Hirst, ‘Valhalla’. We’ve been hearing about this new series coming to Netflix for months, but the two big questions are: What will these new series be about? And when can we enjoy it? We review everything we know.

When and where is ‘Valhalla’ released?

The original History Channel series was aired on various channels depending on the country (in Spain it was via TNT), its spin-off has gone to Netflix, which will broadcast the series exclusively. As declared by MGM President of Television Production and Development Steve Stark, “‘Valhalla’ has been a labor of love for everyone involved. And as we look forward to the continuation of this great saga, we are thrilled to know that fans from all over the world will have the opportunity to continue the series on Netflix. “

The team behind ‘Valhalla’

This project is being led by Michael Hirst. He will work as a scriptwriter and executive producer with MGM Television. He will help you script and act as Shrunner Jeb Stuart (“The Fugitive”). As Jean-Hirst said in a statement, “Jeb Stuart, who is indeed a remarkable author, will bring new stories and powerful visceral insights into the stories of some of the best known Vikings in history.” Vikings co-producer Morgan O’Sullivan, who will repeat the role in this spin-off, is also confirmed.

Shooting for the series began in summer 2020 at Ashford Studios in Ireland, but had to be suspended for several days due to a team member testing positive for COVID-19. Things to shoot in the middle of a pandemic.

Even so, the recordings continued. Delays are piling up on the project: filming should have started in early 2020 and may have been released in the coming weeks (after the end of ‘Vikings’), but now we are aiming for the end of 2021 to see the finished series on Netflix. If the pandemic allows it!

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