WANDAVISION: The Showrunner talks about fan theories


WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaeffer reveals that many of the fan theories are quite accurate.

Since WandaVision started broadcasting on Disney + earlier this month, it seems we’ve seen endless fan theories circulating on social media about Mephisto, the Multiverse, or an evil Scarlet Witch, but aside from them, it will be very interesting to see how things develop from here.

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, WandaVision showrunner Jac Schaeffer shared her thoughts on the theories she’s seen so far, and the Black Widow screenwriter admitted that “it’s been a lot of fun, mainly because it’s everything, everything is just indicative of fan commitment and that’s all you really want, as long as people care and care. ”

As for how many of those fan theories are accurate, Schaeffer chose his words carefully but hinted that at least some of them are correct (unfortunately, it appears that many are not).

“The theorizing is amazing,” said the filmmaker. “The fans are so smart and dedicated and they come up with, you know, incredible notions. A lot of that is accurate, a lot of it isn’t, there’s a lot that is really funny… there are some things here and there that I say ‘Oh, I didn’t mean that, but that’s very smart.’ I’m going to go ahead and say ‘I was serious’. And with the writers… we send a lot of memes and tweets to each other for our own inner enjoyment and that has been a lot of fun. ”

Clearly, we’ll have to be patient when it comes to finding out what’s really going on at Westview, but it’s intriguing to think that some of the ideas being thrown around are spot on. Mephisto still feels like a safe bet, but this week’s episode, titled “Now in Color,” definitely pointed to a sinister Scarlet Witch.

You can already see the first three chapters here.


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