WandaVision: Things To Remember Before Watching The Series!


And what is he like? And in what place did he fall in love with you … Wanda? What would Perales say? The new Marvel Studios series ‘Wandavision’ premieres this Friday, January 15 on Disney + with the broadcast of the first two episodes and we have thought it appropriate to review everything you need to remember about the character to understand the first brick of phase four of the MCU.

Now that Wandavision is coming to Disney +, we need to do a quick recap: where do we stay with the character of Vision (played by Paul Bettany) in the Marvel Universe? What happens to Vision in Avengers: Infinity WarIt’s one of the big loose ends the movie left us: is he really dead? We saw him die first at the hands of Wanda Maximoff (really what we saw was how Wanda -Elisabeth Olsen- destroyed the stone of the mind, but without knowing with absolute certainty if Vision died trying because there is an explosion, but we do not see the consequences), and then we witness his execution at the hands of Thanos, who rewound time and ripped the gem from the beast. We saw his body, lifeless? discolored on the ground. Can an operating system die? Did Shuri back up Vision? With him and Wanda having such a close relationship with the Mind Stone, Could part of Vision have remained within Wanda? Will Hank Pym put you back together as he did in the comics back in the day? Is Michael Douglas (who plays Hank Pym in the MCU) that great actor that he admires with whom Paul Bettany claims he shares an episode of the series? How many questions, right? Avengers: EndgaI did not hear from the character. We expected him to show up and give Thanos rippled soup alongside Captain Marvel, but nothing. So now that he presumably appears alive and well in the new Disney + series, it is normal that we want to review everything we know about the character in his version in the MCU.

The Vision, remember, is a toxoid. You already know: an android made up of synthetic human blood and organs. It was, in principle, Ultron’s project to destroy Tony Stark and The Avengers, but it turns out it turned good. The vision was born as a new body for Ultron, which, as we saw in Avengers: Age of Ultron, He turned to Dr. Helen Cho’s crib of regeneration. He also used Vibranium and the gem from Loki’s scepter, which was in fact the infinity stone known as the mind stone. Just when Ultron is about to transfer his neural matrix to his body, Wanda discovers the villain’s plans and The Avengers disassemble the beach bar and take the crib. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner believe that it is a great opportunity to make a good Ultron and decide to incorporate the JARVIS operational matrix into it – the same operating system that helped build and control Iron Man’s armor, the same one that was able to stop him. Ultron for a time, although it was later destroyed, and the same one that was rebuilt by Tony Stark. “We are mad scientists, we are monsters”, says Stark to Banner when he proposes to install the ‘ JARVIS ‘operating system in the body. Captain America is not very funny and tries to stop it with the help of Pietro Maximoff, Wanda’s brother, but Thor uses his mystical ray to give life to this modern Prometheus and settles the matter to the Asgardian. Vision, with JARVIS in it, is good too, no, next thing. At first, the Avengers are skeptical about his intentions (when you cross paths with Ultron then you don’t trust any kind of Artificial Intelligence for the rest of your life, you know), but then he wins their little hearts (it helps a lot that he’s worthy of wearing Thor’s hammer). Ultron is not funny at all, as you can imagine. He from Barça and a son from Real Sociedad come out. Total, that Vision joins the Avengers and they defeat Ultron.

Vision has an idea: Wanda can use her powers to destroy the Mind Stone. Bruce Banner is convinced that he can live without it, so he seconded the idea. Wanda obviously refuses. Anyway, before doing anything, they need Wakanda technology to remove the stone from Vision’s brain, so to Wakanda, everyone goes. Shuri, the little sister of Black Panther – who has all the signs, by the way, of becoming the new Black Panther – is in charge of trying to extract the stone. He fiddles with it but doesn’t have time to extract it from the synth’s head for destruction in the face of a surprise attack from Thanos and his hosts. Corvus Glaive interrupts Shuri,

Faced with the forcefulness of Thanos’ attack, Vision asks Wanda to destroy the stone even though it has not been extracted. Hey, the same works. And if I die it will have been worth it, he comes to say. She agrees and boom !!! It seems that they have stopped the threat, thanks to the (presumed) sacrifice of Vision, but in these Thanos uses the gauntlet to rewind time and retrieves the gem, which proceeds to tear off as a universal stepfather. As the gem is removed from his mind, Vision loses its color and his lifeless body falls to the ground. And there we stay.

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