Watchmen’s Emmy Enigma

Watchmen’s Emmy Enigma
Watchmen’s Emmy Enigma

Awards are the best boosters of our morale and our spirits. We often say that we only put our best to make good work without expecting anything in return but give it a thought sometimes, don’t we really put in all the efforts to achieve something.

Yes, awards do help as an incentive to exploit ourselves more, it gives us positive energy to put in more efforts to do better next time. And this recognition really helps.

And this becomes even larger when you just win most of the awards in a worldwide celebrated award show. You set the stage on fire!

Yes, you have got my hint correctly.

Today I am here with some updates about Watchmen’s setting the Emmy award night on roar.

The Success Story

The HBO’s take on the classic graphic novel based on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon’s classic comic managed to bad eleven Emmys at the 2020 Emmy Awards.

Yes, Record the number, Its 11!

It successfully made itself the most awarded show of the year. Its also the first of its kind to bag home so many awards. Previously, no comic book adaptations have been a witness to such an overwhelming victory.

This Damon Lindelöf show won the biggest award for which it was nominated, the award for an outstanding Limited Series.  Apart from this, Regina King won the award for being an outstanding Lead Actress in the show.

She played; Angela Abar as known as Sister Night. Her co-star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II bagged the award for the best supporting actor for his role as Cal Abar.

They also won the award for outstanding writing in a Limited series for their episode “The Extraordinary being”.

They only missed the awards of the categories of an Outstanding Actor, and Outstanding Supporting Actress and the best directed limited series was lost to Unorthodox, a Netflix movie.  

Indeed, a great Success for the makers!


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