We All Owe Megan Fox A Serious Apology.


Hey there! We welcome you back at your favorite place. Entertainment world is not all about money and glamour. The actors also get a lot of criticism along with the fame. And today we are going to update you about how and why “We all owe Megan Fox a serious apology”. Here are the all the receipts.

So many times, she was objectified for her clothing that once a journalist even had the audacity to ask her if there’s any particular lingerie she wears “for her man.”? How disgraceful is that!

The uncountable number of times when the audience and the fraternity ignored here talent of acting and made her believe that she was a very awful actor for more than a decade when clearly, that was not the case.

Not just the audience or her co-actors, but the feminists also excluded her from being a part of their group just because others were not treating her the way she should be treated.

Well, the exclusion list doesn’t stop here as she was also excluded from the #Metoo movement while she was clearly being harassed openly. This happened just because of the way she dresses. So, now a girl’s dress is going to decide if she is worthy of getting justice and equal treatment or not?

Remember when here privacy was extremely attacked by photographing her during a lake scene from Jennifer’s body? How she ran away to hide from all those preying and judgemental eyes.

When Michael Bay’s crew members said that being a porn star is the only future option she is left with now. How they disregarded her acting abilities, openly objectified her, and also insulted her intelligence by publishing an open letter to her.
When a journalist even asked Megan how she manages a balance between her career and her motherly responsibilities? A question that was almost directed towards women-hood and was not supposed to be asked.

There is a never-ending list of reason why she deserves and apology from us and why she should be given her due respect. We can go on and on but that will only add up to our guilt of ill-treating her for no big reason. Well, let’s try to be a little polite and civilised and admire the lady from now onwards.

And on that note, we conclude our today’s news. Make sure to come back next time for grabbing some more latest updates.

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