Welly Fast Food Chain On $SHIB: ‘We Will Take An Active Role In The Burn’


Welly, Naples, Italy’s first SHIB-themed restaurant, announced its future plans earlier this week, including the burning of SHIB every time a NOWPayments customer makes a purchase.

“ShibArmy is on the march,” said an anonymous Shiba Inu developer, who wrote in a blog post on February 2 that “all armies must have proper sustenance,

“Therefore he was pleased to announce an agreement that “solidifies Shib’s first step into IRL (in-real-life) projects.” “ShibArmy is on the march,” wrote the developer.

Why Didn’t The Shiba Team Tie-Up With A More Well-Known Food Chain?

Our goal is not to collaborate with giant companies known for selling “food” that is unhealthy, subpar, and potentially harmful.

As I mentioned in discord “We combed the world for a new and powerful team of SHIB restaurateurs eager to entirely redesign their organization to meet Shib’s culture and technical stack. (More on this later.)

“Another factor is the brand’s adaptability. Welly’s offers vegetarian, vegan, and even “healthy” fast food options. We’ll be able to provide even more solutions to meet their needs once our flagship shop opens.”

Its Surprising  How Quickly The Welly Crew SHIBified Their Restaurant

Even more impressive was Welly’s efficiency in implementing their new brand identity and packaging, as well as considering ideas from yours truly, all within one week of the partnership’s formation.”

The Welly team’s ambitions are to “launch multiple stores in 2022 and 2023.”

A blog post from Welly, on the other hand, notified the Shiba Inu community of the restaurant chain’s future plans earlier today (April 5).

“Since opening our online franchise application form, we’ve got an astounding number of requests from all around the world.

We are currently selecting the best application for the first franchise, which we want to contract in the fourth quarter of 2022, followed by an explosion of franchise openings in the second part of the year.”

The Next Big Retailer

The store is set to open in “a globally recognized city” in the first quarter of 2023. WellyFriends’ NFTs. Adrian San Vicente, a Dubai-based artist (@chico rata on Twitter), designed 10,000 unique 3D NFTs for this collection.

Aside from the benefits and staking options for NFT holders, the community will be able to determine which NFTs are utilized in our marketing activities, Welly Meals, and on the packages.

A whitelist will display “your right to purchase an NFT.” This method’s purpose is to assist Welly in “fighting bots and paper hands-only looking for a quick profit.”

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