What is the Inception Cast involved in, including Leonardo DiCaprio


What an amazing director and filmmaker Nolan is! There’s no doubt when it comes to his capabilities and visualization power. He has given us so many thrillers and made brains like ours work for several hours to reach the end of a project. The Dark Knight trilogy, the movie that made the audience love space – Interstellar, and so many others come under his notable works.

But there’s one more that has been successful in standing out from the rest every single year. The more years pass by, that movie feels more special to the heart and the brain. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s the 2010 classic, Inception.

Inception was all about infiltrating the subconscious and was associated with a professional thief who used this technique to steal confidential information. The movie was fantastic with several interpretations. Till today, people seek to hold discussions on this matter.

Courtesy: IndieWire

So, here’s what the cast is doing now including Leonardo DiCaprio. After Inception, DiCaprio made several performances shine and went on winning various awards including the Academy Award for Best Actor in The Revenant. His performances in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino film, and in the Wolf of Wall Street were dazzling and managed to give him the spotlight that he deserved.

He has had a keen interest in environmental issues as well and he recently showed the same by producing Ice on Fire which is a film about global warming. However, he has also had a new political satire disaster film concerning asteroid that will be soon hitting the earth. All of this sounded quite interesting and it was titled – Don’t Look Up.


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