What Lies Below Unique Twist

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It’s never too easy to move on. Specifically, it is never too easy to see a parent moving on and dating someone new. We’ve seen the repercussions of the same in multiple movies and it gets even more difficult when all of this is associated with hiding a terrible and dark secret. The horror flick What Lies Below is a classic domestic thriller that is currently blowing up on Netflix. 

But there’s this little idea that nothing would be the same! Nothing is what it actually looks to be.

Teenager Libby (played by Ema Horvath) finds that her mother, Michelle (played by Mena Suvari) has moved her new boyfriend into their lakefront home upon reaching home from her tiresome summer camp. John (Trey Tucker) is the charismatic, handsome, and smart individual who has managed to steal the woman’s heart.

In fact, he has not just made a place in Libby’s house but also made it a point to make some amendments in the basement, by turning it into a makeshift laboratory. Libby’s mother considers John to be this great guy with whom everything would be normal but Libby soon realizes that all of this is far-fetched with a guy like John.

Courtesy: The Cinemaholic

Libby has been wondering exactly what is John’s plan that he has been looking to execute after getting a place in their home. His alarming and strange behavior makes her accelerate the thinking and contemplating process. 

The movie’s plot is considered to be unique as compared to the classic horror flicks we generally encounter on Netflix. The actors have done a wonderful job with their magnificent performances and the grim conclusion towards the end of the movie has everything to offer you!


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