What will the cast look like in Masters of the Universe: The Revelation?

The live-action sequel to the 2002 film Masters of the Universe vs. The Snake Men, has been scheduled to be released next year on Netflix. This movie will pick up the storyline from where it was left in 2002.

We have been assured to see all the adventures of He-Man and his sidekicks (sorry Battle Cat, The Sorceress, Teela, Man-At-Arms, and Orko!) in a whole new clarity this time with all the improvements in the CGI.

What will the characters look like?

Let us be honest for a second, we have all thought about this at some point in our lives.

I certainly have daydreamed about meeting She-Ra and telling her how much I loved her when I was little! With the announcement of this new live-action film, a lot of us have been wondering about this. 

The  digital artist George Evangelista (@georgeevangelista on Instagram) has taken his imagination to the next level and has made his recreations of various characters. And… they look awesome!

What will the cast look like in Masters of the Universe: The Revelation?
What will the cast look like in Masters of the Universe: The Revelation?

You can check out his works here- https://www.instagram.com/georgeevangelista/?utm_source=ig_embed

What do we know about the film?

Netflix has announced that it is planning on making two films, one catered for adults (anime version) and the live-action one is supposed to be more family oriented.

The Anime film will be directed by Kevin Smith and will be animated by Powerhouse Animation Studios. Whereas the live action is being made by Mattel Television and DreamWorks Animation Television.

Chris Wood has been cast to play the role of He-Man and Mark Hamil, the actor who played Luke Skywalker, is supposed to be playing our beloved Skeletor!

We hope these updates made your day!

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